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Adaptive Back to School Products that Won't Break the Bank

afo/smo shoes back to school bentgo cat and jack kohls new balance product recommendations target Jul 21, 2022

It's hard to believe that the 2022 school year is just a few weeks away. 

While I am certainly not ready to give up summer just yet, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly counting down the days until my four-year-old is back in school for 20 hours a week. This mama's tired. 

This year has been a doozy for us. We've gotten a wheelchair for our son and it's started to sink in that my child is different than his peers in ways I have yet to fully understand. With the addition of the chair and understanding, I have decided to lean in to adaptability and not shy away from products, processes, and supports that will make my son's and my lives easier. So, without further ado, here is my list of must-haves for Fall 2022 Back to School: 

  1. Cat & Jack Clothing
    This awesome brand from Target boasts adaptive bodysuits for boys and girls to diaper-friendly jeans. At costs that won't break the back, this is one brand I can't wait to dive into!  
    Abdominal access shirts, tagless designs, side-zip/ankle snap pants, flat seams 

  2. Backpacks for Wheelchairs
    Another win for Cat & Jack, these backpacks have cute prints AND functionality! These bags have multiple pockets, including one for a hydropack/feeding tube and a 15" laptop sleeve. The internal pocket for a liquid bladder measures 11.5" x 11.5" and the opening for the tube at the top of the pack is 2.625". Listen, at $20 bucks it's already in my cart. 
    Internal liquid bladder compartment, tuck-away backpack straps, (2) bottom ports, (1) top port

  3. Bentgo Bento-Style Lunchbox
    We absolutely love this lunchbox! Occupational/Feeding therapy is a part of my son's schedule so we are always packing a "snack box" just for the occasion. Despite a recently fall that resulted in a chipped lock, it has withstood the test of time thanks to the rubber bumper edging. I also think it is genius that you can by the tray insert separately so you can always have a full tray ready to go! I love that they have multiple sizes based on the capacity you need: 
    Kids up to 7
    Big Kids & Adults

  4.  AFO/SMO-Friendly Shoes
    Ask any parent who has a kid in AFO/SMO leg/ankle braces and they will take you on a heartbreaking journey of trying to find shoes that fit over these often-bulky braces. Don't worry, I will have a whole stinkin' post about this topic in the future. Oy. Anyways, I found these extra-wide toddler sneakers during one of my late night insomnia-driven searches. I appreciate they come in normal, wide, and extra-wide plus you can find them on sale every so often. I'm live for a good deal! 

  5. First/Last Day of School Sign
    This is the first year we will really be celebrating my son's first (& last) days of school and I can't WAIT to use this double-sided reusable sign. I appreciate it comes with 3 colors of chalk and wipes clean. If this style doesn't quite fit, you can find more here. Those back-to-school pictures are going to be so cute! 

Bonus tip: Don't forget to save when shopping online by using Rakuten! I've saved on everything from clothing to my cell phone (RIP to my last phone, the beach won despite a valiant fight by my Google Pixel). 

Did any of these products surprise you? Let me know in the comments! 

Do good. Be well.

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on the links of the products and/or make a purchase.


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